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We present the company in the information technology, telecommunications and industrial property located in Poland. Here we present you the business profile of LBPro Sp. z o.o. - Headquarters Company.

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LBPro Sp. z o.o. - Headquarters   WroclawIT.pl - Wizytówka BIZNES MAX

Street:   ul. Ciołkowskiego 88H
City:   Białystok
Postcode:  15-545
Province:  podlaskie
LBPro Sp. z o.o. - Headquarters

Website: www.lbpro.net

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LBPro Sp. z o.o. - Headquarters - detailed description of the company's offer:

LBPro is a Polish business development and outsourcing company that dedicates its offer to SME/SMB sector. We specialize in unique and individualized software solutions for efficient and profitable information management. We provide advanced software services such as:

  • IT & software consulting
  • software development
  • server based applications
  • embedded systems
  • e-commerce
  • web applications
  • mobile applications

Our clients are Middle East, American, Polish and Western Europe companies. We show a deep knowledge of Retail, Hospitality, Services, Customer Satisfaction Systems, Marketing software. We build innovative solutions which optimize business productivity and efficiency and have on board people with 25 years of experience in building software solutions.


LBPro to firma świadcząca usługi w zakresie tworzenia oprogramowania oraz doradztwa związanego z tym obszarem. Nasza oferta obejmuje IT & software consulting, tworzenie oprogramowania, aplikacje typu server-based, , systemy wbudowane, aplikacje mobilne i web-owe, oraz usługi w zakresie e-commerce. Tworzone przez nas innowacyjne rozwiązania powstają z myślą o podnoszeniu wydajności i efektywności przedsiębiorstw. Naszym głównym celem jest wspieranie firm z sektora MŚP poprzez kompleksowe rozwiązania w zakresie software, umożliwiające efektywne i przynoszące zyski zarządzanie informacją.


LBPro Sp. z o.o. - Headquarters, headquarters in Poland:



Company Profile


We see ourselves as a team of a business development specialists who offer unique software solutions. Our goal is to maximize the efficiency and productivity of the whole company we work for, concentrating not only on the software solutions we deliver. Our team consists of highly qualified business consultants, analysts, software consultants, software developers, QA, as well as project and product managers.

We look for clients who would like to create and/or introduce to the market its own unique products/solutions and look for a reliable and professional team to let in on. We would be happy to support SMB/SME companies with their ideas and to deeply analyze the product usage, its practical application and its reasonableness. We are very particular about the relationships and connections between our clients and their customers, as we always try to improve such relations.

We want our clients to grow their businesses by making our solutions as easy and effective tools as possible. The wide range of services enables us to create fully integrated and exceptional software solutions that covers all aspects of our customer's business. All our products and services are of the highest quality, cost effective and optimize value. Our solutions do not limit our customers in any aspects which allows them to focus on their primary business activity.

We can design and create dedicated software solutions by analyzing our customers’ detailed requirements. We not only create our own individual solutions but also integrate them with other suppliers' applications. It leads to forming the most productive and cost effective systems, using already existing tools.

LBPro not only has high level of competence in providing an exceptional software services but also ensures full support and guidance on how to use it during a long term cooperation. What is important we provide professional services at very competitive costs and we consider ourselves as a reliable, honest and competent partner.

LBPro Mission
Our company is committed to give our clients the best possible solution and full comfort in managing their businesses. Every customer and every issue is treated individually.


Name: LBPro

Headquarters: Bialystok, POLAND

Category: Business Development Software Solutions

Website: www.lbpro.net & www.lbpro.pl

Contact Us:

Phone: (+48) 690 003 887
General: office@lbpro.pl; office@lbpro.net
Sales Department: sales@lbpro.net

LBPro Sp. z o.o.
15-545 Białystok
ul. Ciołkowskiego 88H

LBPro LBPro B.O.
LBPro Sp. z o.o.
92-516 Łódź
ul.Puszkina 80, p.216

KRS (National Court Register number): 0000474195
NIP (Tax identification number): 5423232909
REGON (Statistical number): 200802377