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We present the company in the information technology, telecommunications and industrial property located in Poland. Here we present you the business profile of Akond Lab Company.

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Akond Lab  

Street:   ul. Racławicka 15-19
City:   Wroclaw
Postcode:  53-149
Province:  dolnośląskie
Akond Lab

Website: www.akond.com

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Akond Lab Company is located in the city Wroclaw. You can make a business contact with the company Akond Lab. Poland is a country with a very dynamic economy. We have a very strongly developed sector of IT. We have good staff and a lot of IT professionals. In Poland branches set up a lot of global IT and telecom companies. We invite you to develop your business in Poland and the cooperation with Polish companies.

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Akond Lab

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Akond Lab

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