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Industrial manufacturing/production

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A great deal of interest is shown in the Polish industrial production, especially: foundry castings,steel constructions,products from synthetic materials,sanitary products,ceramic tiles. Polish industrial design joins the tradition of high quality with present day functionality. Craftsmen and workers are valued for their skills and work ethic. Many Poli [ ... ]

Poland - R&D centre

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Research and development (R&D) is an innovative sector based on science and commercialisation of scientific developments. R&D is an opportunity both for Poland, as well as for foreign investors. It allows for: increasing efficiency,lowering costs,improving the quality of products,possibility of diversification of company’s basic activities. There are roughly 30 R&D cent [ ... ]

The greatest number of students

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Poles are one of the best-educated societies in Europe. There are 126 state higher education academies including 17 universities, 18 universities of technology, as well as 301 private schools of tertiary education. They employ over 100 thousand scientists; half of them hold a Ph.D. degree. Two million young people currently studying at the univ [ ... ]

Service centres in Poland

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Business Process Offshoring is the name given to a service sector in which international companies depute the realization of certain business support operations to foreign companies that offer lower running costs. Since 2005 investors can locate BPO resources in Special Economic Zones, which offer for example tax exemptions. In the near future alongside accountancy and financial servic [ ... ]

Industry in POLAND

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Motor industry Poland has a rich motoring tradition – the first license to make Fiat’s here was signed at the start of the 1930s. The development of the industry was put on and held for many years by the Second World War. Today in Poland pretty most all the major global carmakers have factories in Poland. The biggest investor is still Fiat, which has invested over th [ ... ]

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